Defensive Carbine

Defensive Carbine 

8 Hours / $250



Defensive Carbine is designed for those who have already gained some familiarity with the carbine platform and seek to build knowledge and enhance their skills in defensive situations.

Students are taught balancing speed with precision, proven problem-solving techniques, engagements on the move, effectively engaging targets at various distances and making split-second decisions under pressure. With an emphasis on a defensive mindset, safety, and accuracy, this class is ideal for those looking to take their defensive carbine skills to the next level.


Topics Include:

  • Safety
  • Methods of engagement
  • Post-engagement considerations
  • Critical communication
  • Pivoting and rapid target acquisition
  • Target engagements on the move
  • Immediate displacement to a dominant location
  • Final event incorporating all skills learned in the course.


Required Equipment:

  • 500 Rounds of ammunition (minimum)
  • Reliable carbine (NFA items are acceptable)
  • 3 magazines minimum (more is encouraged)
  • Magazine pouches (reloading from pockets is acceptable)
  • Sling – One, two, or three-point
  • Ear Protection (electronic preferred)
  • Eye Protection


Recommended Equipment:

  • Battle belt or chest rig, or purpose-built messenger bag/active shooter kit
  • Gloves
  • Firearm lubricant
  • Dress how your lifestyle would dictate your likely dress for carbine employment.


  • Prerequisite:


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