We thank you for taking a look at our 27,000sq ft state-of-the-art indoor facility. Our range can facilitate a multitude of people at any given time, so please never think we would be too busy to have you join us for some shooting. With 24 public shooting lanes divided into 3 firing bays, we ensure comfort and adequate space can be provided to the shooter when able. We also have 4 private lanes tucked away in our Private bay.

While coming into the Academy, you will head over to the Range Counter at the far end of the showroom floor and under the hanging sign “Check-In” a staff member will get you setup. Once there you will be greeted by one of our professional team members if you haven’t already to be checked-in and he/she will ask “Have you ever shot here?” If the answer is yes, you’ll know the next steps. If the answer is “No, I haven’t.” That’s okay and we are excited to have you! You’ll have to fill out our digital waivers on our iPads and the waiver will be good for a whole year. Upon completing the digital waiver, you will turn your attention to the tv monitor and watch a 3 minute safety video.

Click over here for the waiver to get this done ahead of time. Just let the staff know you will have to watch the safety video before going out on the range.

Note: Waivers will expire after a year, you will have to resign your waiver again to remain current.



Shooting is limited to one round per second and no drawing from the holster is allowed unless qualified and certified by one of our instructors. To qualify for an Enhance Firing Qualification, please reference our training calendar and get signed up.


All ammunition will be inspected and we kindly ask you to not bring any steel core ammunition as it could cause damage to our range.

Note: Steel casings around allowed.

We here at the Academy allow you to save your brass if you would like. Please understand any brass that lands forward of the firing line will remain there for us to collect at the end of the day. Any brass which lands behind the firing line is free to collect.

Our staff tries our very best to make every shooter’s experience comfortable and enjoyable by separating rifle caliber firearms from handguns. If you are wanting to rent or bringing your own rifle caliber firearm  or shotgun along with a handgun, you will be placed in the rifle bay.

Note: Only two firearms are allowed on the firing bench at a given time. Please keep your assigned shooting lane organized by keeping your non-firing guns behind the line in a carrying case. No weapon manipulation behind the bench is allowed. We kindly ask you to clear your firearm on the line then grab your range bag/carrying case to the line, then place cleared firearm into your bag. 

The Academy encourages and enforces safety guidelines by our on-site Range Safety Officers (RSO) to ensure safe and orderly conduct is occurring. We train each and everyone of our RSO’s to be vigilant and mindful for everyone’s safety. They are experienced and ready to perform many duties in the case of an accident. Our RSO’s are easily identified as the man or woman in a bright red vest. Our RSOs are there not to be ruin any shooting experience but to ensure the range is safe. Please feel free to ask for assistance if needed.

Note: The RSO is not there to provide shooting lessons or to troubleshoot any malfunctions, especially if the range is busy. Please keep in mind their primary mission is to make sure everyone in the shooting range is safe. In the scenario where the RSO cannot handle the issue he/she will determine if they need to call the range cold and call for assistance. 

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