Rainier Arms Firearms Academy is a public indoor shooting range which welcomes any new firearm’s owner to the firearm’s enthusiast.

The price breakdown is what you can expect when coming to our state-of-the-art shooting range.



$20.00 for the lane rental. Time is not limited to the shooter or shooters unless a waiting list has been established from the Range Manager.

$15.00 for every additional person up to three people on a lane.

$1.50 for targets and are available upon request.


Rental Costs:

$10.00 Flat fee will unlock Semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

$75.00 for unsuppressed Full Autos. Comes with One loaded magazine.

$80.00 for suppressed Full Autos. Comes with One loaded magazine.

$100.00 for the M249 S.A.W and a belt of 40 rounds. $60.00 for an additional belt of ammunition.

$120.00 for the M240 and 40 rounds. $70.00 for an extra belt of ammunition.

Note: All rental firearms must shoot range ammunition only, no exceptions.


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