Thank you for inquiring about one of Kansas’s greatest firearm’s collection. We are constantly updating our armory to keep up with production updates to keep our customers in the loop with new firearms. We want to provide the user the opportunity to try out the latest and greatest. Our rental selection is a great tool to “Test-drive” the firearm before purchasing. With over a 100 different firearms to choose from, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every moment.

Procedures on Renting a firearm:

While checking in at the Range Counter, let the Rainier Team member know you’re interested in trying out some different firearms. At this point we will ask you what you’re looking for and we will facilitate in Checking it out to you or finding a close alternative to the firearm that we may not have on hand. Our staff is experienced and will get you the closest firearm to the one you desire to try out. Please feel free to ask any questions about our collection, our staff is there to help and share the knowledge.

Once you have chosen 1 or 2 firearms to test out, we must ensure you are going to be using our range safe ammunition.

Note: If you brought your own ammunition, you must purchase range safe ammunition to fire our firearms. 

$10.00 will allow you to have unlimited amounts of rentals (Up to TWO at a time) If you decide you are ready to test out new rentals. Please ensure the firearms are unloaded and clear. Place firearms back into the clear container bins and bring back to the Range Counter. Ask a Rainier Team member that you would like to switch out your rentals for new ones. We will assign the new firearms to your lane and you’re ready to proceed to test out the new guns.

Rental Brands Include:


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