Semi Auto AR Platform



Thank you for inquiring about one of Kansas’s unique firearms collection. We have a wide array of models to choose from and we are constantly updating our collection as new technology arrives in the firearms industry. Rainier Arms is proud of the collection we have acquired through the years. We are more than delighted to share the fun with you!

Please ask any of our sales associates on how you can get the opportunity to enjoy the rifles on the range.

We have semi auto and full auto platforms to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the model.

When selecting a full auto firearm, please select from the left-side of the Range Counter when facing the range counter. All firearms to the right-side of the Range Counter are semi auto.



Semi Auto – $10.00 Flat Rate. Two firearms at a time and you are more than welcome to comeback and exchange for new platforms after usage, once unloaded and cleared.

Full Auto – $75.00 Per Rental and will come with a single full loaded magazine.

Full Auto Suppressed – $80.00 Per Rental and will come with a single full loaded magazine.


Note: Please understand in order to preserve the longevity of our firearms, you MUST use our approved Range Safe Ammunition purchased from the Range Counter. Failure to do so can cause damage to our firearms and potential failures of the firearm when using unapproved ammunition. 

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