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What sets Rainier Arms Firearms Academy’s CCW Class Apart? 

A first time gun owner should know that our great state of Kansas has a Universal Constitutional Carry Law. This provides that a person that is at least twenty one years old, and can legally purchase and possess firearms and ammunition, can carry concealed within the borders of Kansas. This is a recognition of our rights to self defense of ourselves and our loved ones.  In the right situation, this expands the amount of good folks with guns that can prevent and end encounters that would have had a far worse outcome had they simply been prey to someone intent on doing bodily harm to them or loved ones. In short, when responsible and trained CCW holders are in the public or at home, our community is safer. On the surface this seems like the end of the story. I am over 21, can legally possess a handgun, and have the will to carry.

Simply being able to carry legally and having the desire to, does not mean that this is the extent of the knowledge needed to do so responsibly. If you are a first time gun owner then you might now know there are many pieces of the puzzle that we need to have in order to see the entire picture and make responsible decisions when we are faced with a lethal force situation. Every reasonable CCW holder will recognize the need for a more in depth education that prepares the citizen for when the worst happens. Being mentally capable to properly recognize that something bad is occurring and taking action to reduce this threat is empowering.

The Rainier Arms Firearms Academy has developed their Kansas Concealed Carry Licensing course to serve the Wichita and surrounding communities with a comprehensive and fun training experience. This class will fulfill all of the state curriculum required and give enhanced instruction. This instruction is based upon the experience of our instructor cadre as well as examples that have played out across the state and country.

This class will give the student the knowledge of the laws pertaining to the responsibilities associated with CCW. The class will also teach with examples on how mindset and threat recognition will enhance the students security. Based on the insight of instructors, former military, and law enforcement agents we have expanded on the conceal carry requirements provided by Kansas to include additional topics of firearm manipulation, marksmanship, unloading and loading techniques.  We also touch on responsible storage of firearms and being aware of where not to leave the guns when not on our person. Our cadre will discuss the proper carry methods of firearms and debunk many myths surrounding this topic.

By taking the CCW class at our gun range you will qualify for our state of the art, clean and safety conscious range. So from the classroom to the range in very few steps. If you identify skills that you would like to work on, our instructors can schedule a class or one on one instruction that will get you where you would feel more comfortable.

First time gun owners take CCW classes on the range at Rainier Arms Firearms Academy | Wichita, KS

There are several very attractive reasons to take the course and apply for the license as a first time gun owner. First and most importantly, you will be educated on the laws that pertain to CCW, the use of force and the consequences that follow a lawful use of the weapon and the unlawful use of the weapon. There are 39 other states that have reciprocity with Kansas and your CCW will be valid in those states. This is great for those traveling across the country. Another benefit is that by holding a CCW in Kansas, when you purchase firearms in the state, the additional background checks are not needed. That speeds up the process that can take up to a week at times to clear the NICS check required if you do not have the CCW.

One of our concealed carry weapons courses’ biggest difference is our people.  Our classes are taught by experts from a variety of backgrounds.  For instance, meet our Chief CCW instructor Jim Lambert.

First Time Gun Owners Training Classes in Wichita Kansas

Jim Lambert, Chief CCW Instructor teaches New Gun Owners at Rainier Arms Firearms Academy | Wichita, KS

Jim is an armed citizen with 30+ years of sporting firearms experience. He is a lifelong Kansan and sees his contribution to firearms education as one way to make the region safer. Though always being a “Gun Guy”, in 2012 Jim sought out defensive firearm training in the Wichita, KS area to develop the skills and mindset he felt he lacked as a responsible armed citizen. He found that training at a local training academy and, after attending many classes he also found a calling to teach others.  Jim has trained with some of the best national names in the business like the Massad Ayoob Group and Sage Dynamics. He is also an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and Basic Pistol Instructor. He will continue to learn his craft as instructors come into the Academy to train.

Jim is our Primary Concealed Carry Class instructor bringing with him 5 years of experience. He can identify with and see the training needs of students over a wide variety of demographics and experience levels. Jim’s classes are exactly what the state curriculum requires and more. Adding life experience and filling in the blanks is where he shines as a CCW instructor.

He has an approachable and encouraging style with an emphasis on safety to pass on knowledge and skills helping other armed citizens lead safer and more secure lives. There should be no doubt that Jim Lambert’s knowledge, instruction and passion for our students make them confident, empowered and more secure.     

Finally, as with all courses for conceal and carry licensing, there will be both a written examination and firearm range qualification.  Our licensing classes provide additional range time prior to the qualification for our students as well.  Whether it is our experience, instructors, facilities, or qualifications these are just some of the many ways Rainier Arms Firearms Academy works to set itself apart.  To get started…

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