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Kev L

Rainier Arms Firearms Academy is the best firearms facility I ever seen and experience.  The staff there are very friendly and helpful. The classes are very fun and knowledgeable. It’s just a great experience and I would highly recommend this place.

Richard Baker

Extremely experienced staff , very organized and clean facility not to mention its like a toy store for adults !!

Anittra Huerta

The staff are all so very welcoming & kind. In the store or on the range they’re all fantastic educators. I’m always comfortable asking questions & getting great service.

Curtis Knutson

Went in and checked out everything. They have all the harder to find guns that aren’t AR-15s like the CZ Bren 2 and the APC308 and others. I have wanted to find a store that offered this stuff in store that i can pick up and hold before buying. There hasn’t been a place like […]

Rob Oursler

Finally made it in to check out the new Rainier academy in Wichita. I can honestly say I’ve never been treated like I was today in a gun shop of any kind. I travel all over and I’ve never in my life had an employee wait an extra 15 seconds to hold the door for […]

Lisa Supon

Want to give Rainier Arms a Huge Shout and Thumbs Up for a great positive experience when I visited the store. I am relatively new to the AR platform and doing a build for a more lightweight rifle. Choosing the best parts on a budget and getting advice was fantastic from GW and all the […]

Brenna Watts

I had a fun time! Being able to handle and shoot multiple different styles of handguns and feeling what I liked best was great! I feel comfortable now and cant wait to go shooting with my husband again now 🙂

Evelyn Hiskett

Was a very informative class. Instructor and all the Rainer staff were friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Made me feel very comfortable during each phase of the class. I will be taking more classes to improve my knowledge and skill. Thank you Rainer Arms

Frank Priest III

All I can say is WOW, AWESOME! The rental counter is starting to flesh out and it is like a dream come true! The selection of guns that I’ve always wanted to shoot is simply amazing! Go check it out, you’ll be thanking me for the suggestion!!!  

John Hwang

John Hwang

When we purchased our warehouse in Wichita, we never could have imagined opening up a world class shooting facility the same year. Our staff and family have been welcomed with open arms and we are thrilled to be a part of this thoughtful and caring community. Rainier Arms has built its reputation introducing the newest […]

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