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MyQuez Todd



Instructor: MyQuez Todd

MyQuez Todd is a Wichita, KS native and retired U.S. Army Infantryman with combat and non-combat deployment experience in regions worldwide. During his service, he served in various roles, such as Infantry Rifle Team and Squad Leader, Reconnaissance and Sniper Platoon Squad Leader, and Designated Marksman in prestigious units such as the 82nd Airborne Division. Upon completion of service, MyQuez pursued a career in protection as a licensed Protection Agent, receiving awards from famous academies such as Gavin De Becker & Associates before protecting some of the nation's most influential figures. With over ten years of real-world and training experience, MyQuez has made it a passion and lifestyle to instruct and train the public on the importance of firearm manipulation, defensive tactics, medical knowledge, concealed carry fundamentals, and more.

“Better a person to know and not need, rather than need & and; not know.”

MyQuez L. Todd
SSG / US Army Ret.

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