Don Smith

Experience:20 Years

Email:[email protected]

Don Smith

Chief Instructor


Chief Instructor: Don Smith

With over 20 years in the firearms industry, Don Smith is a reputable, knowledgeable marksman who remains humble and engaged in positively influencing those around him. Don’s dedication to master his craft is a top priority while he simultaneously improves the community’s expertise and marksmanship proficiency. Moreover, Don’s history of working in the rail transport industry has heightened his abilities to work with people of all backgrounds, his effectiveness is seen when he is able to confidently engage with all sorts of clients.

Don is a lifelong firearms enthusiast whose mission is to ensure the art of marksmanship transcends generations to come. His unambiguous instruction complemented with confidence-boosting critiques will enhance your shooting abilities. While he competes for our Rainier Arms Firearms Academy team, Don’s history of hunting, shooting recreationally, competitively, and providing lessons has molded him to be a renowned decorated firearms instructor with the Rainier team.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

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