Andy Padilla

Experience:25+ Years


Andy Padilla

General Manager / Director of Training


Director of Training: Andy C. Padilla

Andy Padilla (Gunny) is a retired U.S. Marine infantryman with several combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout his years of service, Andy has held multiple instructor positions, including Marksmanship Instructor, Foreign Weapons Instructor, Machinegun Instructor, Military Operations in Urban Terrain Instructor, Combat Instructor, and Weapons and Tactics Instructor. He has trained and mentored both coalition and foreign forces in firearms employment and combat readiness.

Andy’s certifications extend well beyond the military. He is also certified as an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun License Instructor, and Smith & Wesson Armorer.

Andy is a well-established and respected senior instructor within the firearms industry. With his 25+ years of experience as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor, Chief Instructor, Director of Range and Training Operations, and end user Andy plays a critical role in Rainier Arms Firearms Academy becoming the nations leading training academy.

Andy is dedicated to helping responsible armed citizens, federal/local law enforcement, and military gain the knowledge and skills necessary to live a safer life and protect those they love.

“Unprepared Is Ungood”

Andy C. Padilla
GySgt / USMC Ret.


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