Rainier Arms Firearms Academy brings you RAFA Fit! It’s time to get your workout and shooting routine together. Train to shoot while mentally and physically exhausted.

RAFA Fit to Defend

To provide the tools and place to develop a strong, healthy, confident community. Physical and mental fitness is a significant part of surviving life-threatening or challenging situations; most individuals overlook it. We aim to change the paradigm of our students from low-stress flat range training to purposeful and practical training to increase survivability in any life-threatening situation. RAFA Fit to Defend will help prepare participants for our RAFA Fit to Survive monthly challenge.


Take your mind off flat-range drills and put your whole body into a dynamic full-body challenge.  RAFA Fit to Defend will challenge the student’s physical fitness level, decision-making, and marksmanship abilities through a series of prescribed physical exercises followed by a designated shooting sequence or drill. Each student will be challenged through physical exertion before each shooting segment.

For more information: Shawn Johnston | [email protected]




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