Low Light Handgun

Low Light Handgun



4 Hour Course / $150.00

This course covers the basics of carrying and employing a handgun with an attached weapon light. It will also cover off-hand light techniques. You will learn how to properly manipulate and use your weapon light in a variety of situations. (There will be shooting in a low/no light environment during this course.)



Topics Covered

– Safety

– Equipment selection

– Weapon light manipulation

– Off-hand light techniques

– Rapid target engagements

– Multiple target engagements

– Proper use of lights in various low-light/no light environments


Equipment needed

– Handgun with weapon light attached

– Good quality holster and magazine pouches

– 2 magazines minimum (preferably more)

– 250 rounds

– Eye Protection

– Ear Protection

– Duty gear for LE/MIL




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