Carbine Essentials

Carbine Essentials

6 HRS / 150$

This 6-hour course focuses on building the essential foundation and safely handling a carbine. This training will expand, refine and build new skills with demonstrations, dry fire practice, and live fire practical application.



Topics Include:

Firearms Safety

Gear and equipment optimization

Marksmanship fundamentals


Carbine employment

Ammunition management/reloading

Clearing of stoppages

Multiple target engagements

Required Equipment:

300 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

Reliable carbine (AR, AK, etc., NFA items are acceptable)

3 magazines (minimum)

A way to retain magazines (reloading from a pocket(s) is acceptable)

Sling – One, two, or three-point

Ear Protection (electronic preferred)/ Eye Protection

Recommended Equipment:
Magazine pouches


Firearm lubricant

Note-taking materials


Bug spray/Sunscreen

Dress for the weather





*Carbine Essentials will serve as a prerequisite for Defensive Carbine.

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