Defensive Handgun II

Defensive Handgun II 

8 Hours / $250

Defensive Handgun II reinforces the core fundamentals covered in Defensive Handgun I with emphasis on urgency, the economy of motion, precision, and one-hand manipulation. Shooters will understand the dynamics of a defensive encounter while negotiating the use of cover, multiple shooting positions, and shooting on the move. The course culminates in a final individual event that requires each shooter to employ the techniques learned in Defensive Handgun I and II while experiencing mental and physiological stressors.  Defensive Handgun II serves as the prerequisite for Defensive Handgun III.



Topics Include

  • Safety
  • Defensive Handgun I review
  • Speed and precision
  • Single hand manipulations
  • Protection of a third party
  • Alternative shooting positions
  • Use of cover
  • Engagements on the move
  • Pivoting and rapid target acquisition
  • Final event

Recommended Equipment

  • A handgun chambered for a common defense caliber
  • A quality (non-collapsing) holster
  • At least 3 magazines
  • 300-400 rounds
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection


  • Completion of Defensive Handgun I

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