Tactical Handgun Applications 1

Tactical Handgun Applications 1

8 Hours / $300

Tactical Handgun Applications 1 is for anyone familiar with their handgun and wanting to enhance their ability to employ it in a competitive, defensive, or tactical environment.

Students will learn to utilize the marksmanship fundamentals at speed, defensive environment considerations, communication, and moving to or using cover while operating individually or as part of a team setting.

Topics Include

  • Safety
  • Engagement Methodology
  • Marksmanship at speed
  • After Engagement Actions
  • Sight/Optic Failure Considerations
  • Multiple Targets
  • Communication
  • Movement
  • Alternative shooting positions
  • Utilizing cover

Required Equipment

  • 500 Rounds of ammunition (minimum)
  • Handgun
  • Three magazines (minimum)
  • Holster (quality, securely mounted, non-collapsing, belly band with holster, Enigma, off-body, etc.)
  • Magazine Pouches (reloading from pockets is acceptable)
  • Sturdy belt or attachment method for holster (no loose or unsecured holsters will be allowed)

Additional Considerations

  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water
  • Snacks/Food
  • Tools for firearms
  • Firearms lubricant


  • Completion of Handgun Confidence (or similar) within the last 12 months.

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