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Welcome to the Resilient Warrior Foundation page! Thank you for wanting to learn more about how our foundation is making a lasting and positive difference for homeless veterans around the Wichita area. 

Our housing programs offer both temporary and permanent solutions to uplift at-risk, low-income, and homeless veterans and families.


Resilient Warrior is dedicated to the healthy and productive lives of the United States Military Veteran. We will focus on the total needs of the veteran. This includes and not limited to housing for the homeless vets on our ten acre facility, mental and physical health care needed, vocational education support, and job placement assistance. The end state is for an at risk or homeless veteran to be cared for, treated with respect and dignity, and prepared to enter our communities as productive and successful citizens. It is simply what we owe this person that wrote a blank check with their life in service of our great nation.


The Pay-it-Forward Veteran Housing Program provides independent housing for veterans in need of permanent housing.  Studies such as HUD’s The Applicability of Housing First Models to Homeless Persons have shown that Housing First models result in long-term housing stability, improved physical and behavioral health outcomes, and reduced use of crisis services such as emergency departments, hospitals, and jails. We believe that providing a permanent and safe home for our veterans in need of long-term housing transforms overall community health.

Volunteer Lead Organization

We are patriots and we know our soldiers deserve better. Unfortunately, there have been several organizations that have tainted our efforts by lining their own pockets instead of supporting the intended cause. At the Resilient Warrior Foundation, all leadership staff are volunteers. We don’t take a dime in supporting our veteran. In fact, most of us give freely of our time and monetary resources to help restore the lives of our warriors. You can donate with confidence knowing every dollar will go towards Veteran housing and Veteran care.


We Promote Security & Stability

We know stability is the key to recovery. Our housing project is located in a small, peaceful town of Harper, KS (population 1360 in 2019) away from the busyness of city life. However, access to major services is less than an hour away in Wichita. Also, because of the generosity of Cerner CEO, there is a brand new 41 million dollar, state of the art medical facility (Patterson Medical) a few minutes from our facility. . We have partnered with Patterson who can provide emergency mental & physical health care to our Veterans in need. Our tranquil “base camp” will help Veterans to unplug from city life to begin his/her road to recovery. Every resident will have access to a fully furnished private apartment, a great hall for large gatherings & the warrior den to hang out and build community. We work with local businesses to provide job training to get our Veterans self-sustainable.





Our friends within the firearms industry have raised their hands in assisting the foundation by many different methods. From donating firearms to raffle off or providing parts to make custom builds, we have gained rapport within this loyal industry. We hope that one day our foundation can be supplemented by a wide array of companies and foundations as it is all of our mission to assist homeless veterans. For the past nine months we have raffled off Three different firearms, raising thousands of dollars to ensure our can veterans live cost free in some cases. The team at Resilient Warrior will always look for robust methods to fundraise and remain involved in the community to bridge the gap between veterans and civilians. If you have any information or ideas how you would like to lend a hand please email us.

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Click this link below to find out how you can help a veteran in need.

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