Mid-Year Rainier Arms Firearms Academy Update

Mid-Year Rainier Arms Firearms Academy Update.   It’s the summer, were all trying to get to the lake, plan and execute a vacation, and decide which new gun to buy. When the Kansas heat rises, the air is cool here at Wichita’s largest indoor range. This summer, we have a lot to keep you busy, […]

Don’t be a victim

Don’t be a Victim There is an old saying we used in the Marine Corps – “Complacency Kills”. It’s becoming more apparent in our society, this day and age, that with modern technology and the fast pace lifestyle people are less aware of their environment. This effect can and has led to the increase of […]

Who is Responsible?

AWARENESS = SAFETY Who is Ultimately Responsible for your Safety? It is my belief that your personal safety is your own responsibility, no one else’s. There are some exceptions to my opinion. If you are unable to protect yourself due to a handicap, illness, or other impairments that would preclude using some of the later […]

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