Yahshua A Ervin

Experience:14 years

Email:[email protected]

Yahshua A Ervin

Chief Instructor


Chief Instructor: Yahshua A Ervin


Yahshua Ervin (Yash) is a retired U.S. Marine infantryman with several combat deployments in Iraq. Throughout his years of service, Yash has held multiple instructor positions, including Marksmanship Instructor, Rifleman Instructor, Machinegun Instructor, Combat Instructor, Land Navigation Instructor and Weapons and Tactics Instructor. He has trained and mentored both coalition and foreign forces in firearms employment and combat readiness.

With his 14+ years of experience as a Marksmanship Instructor and Chief Instructor Yash plays a critical role in Rainier Arms Firearms Academy becoming the nations leading training academy.

Yash is dedicated to helping our community become more safe, efficient, and comfortable with firearms. He has a great passion for teaching and mentoring people to be better prepared to protect themselves and their love ones.


“Give your people what they need, NOT what they want”

Yahshua A Ervin

Staff Sergeant / USMC Ret.

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