Jim Lambert

Jim Lambert


Jim Lambert is an armed citizen with 30+ years of sporting firearms experience. He is a lifelong Kansan who sees his contribution to firearms education as one way to make the region safer. Though always being a “Gun Guy”, in 2012 Jim sought out defensive firearm training in the Wichita, KS area to develop the skills and mindset he felt he lacked as a responsible armed citizen. He found that training at a local training academy and, after attending many classes he also found a calling to teach others.


Jim has trained with some of the best national names in the business like the Massad Ayoob Group, Sage Dynamics, Daniel Shaw and his training mentor Andy Padilla. He is also an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and Basic Pistol Instructor.


Jim is our Primary Concealed Carry Class instructor bringing with him 5 years of experience. He can identify with and see the training needs of students over a wide variety of demographics and experience levels. Jim’s classes are exactly what the state curriculum requires and more. Adding life experience and filling in the blanks is where he shines as a CCW instructor.


He has an approachable and encouraging style with an emphasis on safety to pass on knowledge and skills helping other armed citizens lead safer and more secure lives. There should be no doubt that Jim Lambert’s knowledge, instruction and passion for our students make them confident, empowered and more secure.

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