Group Therapy

8-Week Pistol League “Group Therapy”

  • 50 rounds total (15 at 7 yards, 15 at 15 yards, and 20 at 25 yards) unsupported 2-handed standing
  • Any centerfire or rimfire pistol is allowed. Optics are allowed.
  • Everyone scores their own targets, line breaks count as the higher scoring ring
  • 8 B-8 Targets are supplied
  • After each week take a picture with your score out of 500, date, and name written on the target and text it to 316-640-2746
  • 80% handicap is added to scratch score. Handicap is averaged over the last 3 weeks
  • Weekly updates will be sent showing everyone’s scores
  • Cost is $20 total. All money will used as payouts for winners
  • Rewards:
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd will get X amount in decreasing order depending on how many shooters
    • Depending on the number of shooters we may have additional cash payouts for 4th-6th place or even an incentive for the scratch total winner.
  • Remember: This is a handicap league. Consistency and improving throughout the 8 weeks is key to placing high.
  • This is an eight-week league but the way it is designed is so people can be flexible. If you want to shoot two weeks’ worth in one trip, then feel free. Additionally, there is no set time you must come in and shoot.
  • Call or Text Darell at 316-640-2746 with any questions/to sign up


**Official Start week is 1/27/2020.  However, you can join even after it’s started as you can shoot more than once per week.  Call Darell for more info.