Precision Marksmanship

Precision Marksmanship

6 Hours / $90


This course is designed to allow shooters to deliver precision shots onto designated targets at known distances out to 300 yards from standard and nonstandard shooting positions. Shooters will apply all skills learned during the Precision Rifle and Optics class. (Prerequisite: Precision Rifle and Optics class)

Topics Covered:

  • Environmental effects on projectile and shooter. (wind, weather, angles & more)
  • Psychological Factors/ Considerations
  • Vital Observation Techniques
  • Data (D.O.P.E) Overview
  • Zeroing methods
  • Scope Adjustment VS Hold
  • Useful Field Craft Common to Precision Shooters
  • Use of Data books/ Range Cards
  • Range Estimation
  • Fundamentals of Precision Marksmanship
  • Common and Alternative Shooting positions (supported and un- supported)
  • Known and Un-known distance shooting

Required Equipment:

  • Rifle with target/ tactical turret scope (6mm -.300 win)
  • 100 rounds Minimum
  • Eye/ Ear Protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing relevant to how you may employ a LR rifle
  • Small Calculator
  • Note taking material
  • Sling

Recommended Equipment:

  • Rifle caliber in common round effective to 1000+ yds
  • Spotting Scope/ Binoculars
  • Scope with tactical milling, or similar, 1st focal plane reticle.
  • Clip board with storage (sketch kit)
  • Pack or ruck relevant to how you may employ a LR rifle
  • PPE necessary for shooter to stay in alternative shooting positions for extended periods of time (IE knee pads)