Long Range Precision

Rainier Arms Firearms Academy Long Range Precision Course

2 Days / $1,500


The Long Range Precision Course is designed to introduce the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver precision shots at long range.  The course will take students up to and beyond the limitations of a given precision rifle and optic. Starting with the fundamentals, in a controlled range-type environment, then working towards shooting from more reality-based positions and conditions; which are most often in less-than ideal conditions

This course is taught by subject matter experts with applicable real-world professional experience. Each skill set will be covered from a “building block approach,” with a classroom setting, as well as practical application on the range.


*Lodging and food provided by the Flint Oak Hunting Club.* Need to work this out


Topics Covered:

  • MOA theory
  • Mil (MRAD) vs MOA
  • Ballistics overview
  • Environmental effects on projectile and shooter. (wind, weather, angles & more)
  • Psychological Factors/ Considerations
  • Vital Observation Techniques
  • Data (D.O.P.E) Overview
  • Zeroing methods
  • Scope Adjustment VS Hold
  • Useful Field Craft Common to Precision Shooters
  • Use of Data books/ Range Cards
  • Range Estimation
  • Fundamentals of Precision Marksmanship
  • Common and Alternative Shooting positions (supported and un- supported)
  • Known and Un-known distance shooting
  • Low Light Shooting
  • Intro to individual and team spotting

Required Equipment:

  • Rifle with target/ tactical turret scope (6mm -.300 win)
  • 350 rounds Minimum
  • Eye/ Ear Protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing relevant to how you may employ a LR rifle
  • Small Calculator
  • Note taking material
  • Sling

Recommended Equipment:

  • Rifle calibered in common round effective to 1000+ yds
  • Spotting Scope/ Binoculars
  • Scope with tactical milling, or similar, 1st focal plane reticle.
  • Clip board with storage (sketch kit)
  • Pack or ruck relevant to how you may employ a LR rifle
  • PPE necessary for shooter to stay in alternative shooting positions for extended periods of time (IE knee pads)

Note: Electronic ranging equipment, environmental measuring devices, ballistic calculators, shooting mats, rifle rests, etc., are not listed above. Shooters are welcome to bring them, and if time permits, test said equipment, such devices need not be utilized during this training course.