LE Patrol Carbine Course (1 Day)

carbine course

LE Patrol Carbine Course

1 Day / $150


LE Patrol Carbine Course is designed to increase the skill and proficiency of individual officers working alone or in a team environment.  The course focuses on increasing officer proficiency in weapon manipulation, problem solving and tactical decision making based on environmental factors as well as officer safety.


Topics Include:


Day 1

  • Equipment optimization
  • Safety as it relates to carbine employment
  • Presentation and rapid precision
  • Post engagement considerations
  • Speed/emergency reload
  • Critical communication
  • Manipulation and stoppage problem solving
  • Handgun, gaining speed and precision
  • Deploying the secondary weapon
  • Transitioning from secondary to primary
  • Positional problem solving


Required Equipment:

  • 400 rounds of carbine ammunition
  • 200 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Carbine
  • Duty rig set up along with any support equipment for carbine employment
  • 3 or more carbine magazines
  • Carbine magazine pouches, (reloading from pockets is acceptable)
  • Sling – One, two, or three-point
  • Ear Protection (electronic preferred)/ Eye Protection

Recommended Equipment:

  • Gloves
  • Firearm cleaning gear and lubricant
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