Basic Urban Skills Training – B.U.S.T.

Basic Urban Skills Training

8 Hours / $200


The purpose of this course is to develop the knowledge and skills needed for survivability in the complex and unforgiving urban environment. This course serves a prerequisite for Critical Incident Immersion Course (Urban).

Topics Include:

  • Categories of a built-up area
  • Characteristics of urban areas
  • Decision to enter a urban complex
  • Pro’s and Con’s of an urban complex
  • Urban patrolling principles
  • Types of movement
  • Entry techniques
  • Clearing techniques



Required Gear:

  • AR-15 variant rifle with sling. (we can provide a rifle if needed)
  • Load bearing equipment (mag pouches, chest rig, or plate carrier)
  • Clear lens eye protection
  • High dexterity clothing
  • * Absolutely no live ammunition of any type will be allowed in the training area.
  • * Must be a US citizen and able to provide evidence that you are one of the good guys.