Active Shooter Response

Active shooter response

8 Hours / $100

Active Shooter Response: Rainier Arms Firearms Academy continues to lead development of Active shooter training in the Midwest. Rainier Arms recognizes the need for training and solutions for schools and businesses. Our curriculum is centered on the strategy of RUN-HIDE-FIGHT. The training provides the participants with the skills to perform critical problem solving during an active shooter event.  We address the psychological and physical aspects needed to survive a shooting. Participants receive training to provide casualty care and triage skills. The entire course is conducted in a dynamic environment with realistic scenarios.

Topics covered:

  • Profile of an Active Shooter
  • How to respond (RUN – HIDE – FIGHT)
  • Law Enforcement’s Response
  • How to react with L.E.
  • Information you should provide to L.E. or 911
  • Dealing with a gunshot wound victim
  • Recovering from an Active Shooter Incident
  • Scenario based training


 Recommended Equipment:

  • Physical Fitness clothing
  • Water/snacks
  • Note taking material
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