Author: John Hwang

How to Upgrade a Glock Trigger

There are few things more important than the trigger when you are shooting. It stays in the forefront of the mind at every step of the firing sequence. You make sure to keep your finger off it when drawing or aiming and ensure the proper squeeze when firing. So, why is it something we accept […]

New Glock 43 – 80% Frame

Love the Glock 43 but want to hold more than 6 rounds?  Omaha Outdoors is introducing a new 80% frame that holds the SIG P365 10 round or 15 round magazine and will support either Glock 43 or Glock 48 slides.   There are many reasons why people love 80% frames to begin with.  Builders like […]

Fiocchi 9mm – On Sale!

We’ve bought ammo in bulk and are passing on the savings to you.  We have Fiocchi Pistol Shooting Dynamics 9mm Luger – 115GR – 1200 FPS ammo on sale for $8.75 for a box of 50 rounds.  You won’t find a better price online and in-stock, and certainly won’t find it locally unless you come […]


Spring Bash Celebration

Due to the recent health crisis, our spring bash celebration / grand opening has been postponed for the safety of our employees, members & guests.  As the situation is resolved, we will revisit this event at a later date.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Date March 28, 2020 – Saturday We are having a big […]

fried chicken

5 reasons why Wichita is better than Seattle

I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area for close to 45 years.  My main residence is still in Auburn Washington where our headquarters is located.  I travel back and forth to the city of Wichita for business and have purchased a home in Andover, KS to be close by our gun range in Wichita.  Whenever […]

john thunderbird

What it’s like being a Asian in the Gun Business

I’ve always had a passion in firearms, maybe because I’m a dude, or maybe because I enjoy “danger”.  As you can probably imaging, I have a similar interest in other dangerous hobbies, fast cars, fast motorcycles and fast women. (Okay, I only kid about fast women as I’ve been married to the same quiet gal […]